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A Guide to Anal Sex

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Keep in mind that the following GUIDE ON HOW TO HAVE ANAL SEX: will give YOU ALL THE TIPS YOU NEED to successfully give your partner or escort the ultimate in EROTIC ANAL SEX, these tips have already helped many men turn their girlfriends and wives on to the idea of having heart pounding, sensual anal sex.

What if you knew all of the methods to have mutually satisfying anal sex with your loved one, imagine how exciting YOUR SEX LIFE WOULD BE!
So, what can you do to make her wet, horny and ready for an anal pounding?
Anal sex has been considered taboo for years, but more and more women are coming round to the delights of having anal sex with their men.
It is a sexual act that is never shown in movies and has been associated with homosexuality but we think why should men have all the fun, women can learn to love it too and this guide on how to have anal sex will show you how to have a great time in bed and your girlfriend too.
First of all it is sex without the risk of having babies, it is 100% effective as a form of birth control, it is also a bit kinky, and most women have a naughty streak. And anal sex entails a woman fully getting in touch with her desires and allows the woman to let her body be used as a sex object for her partner. Anal sex enhances the woman’s orgasm as it allows the shaft to reach the woman’s G-Spot, so with these thoughts in mind, here are our guidelines to having EXPLOSIVE, MUTUALLY SATISFYING ANAL SEX!!!!

1. Always practice safe sex, use a condom and lube, to make sure that you are both protected from STD’s.
2. Cut your fingernails, as it with any other kinds of sex, foreplay is essential, and it is best to introduce a lubed up finger into the anus before you introduce anything else.
3. Discuss it with your partner before you start as mutually satisfying, erotically charged anal sex is all about the turn on that both will get from your lady friend allowing you to enter her body in this manner.
4. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay, start by kissing and touching each other to ensure that you are both turned on, and that your partner feels safe with you.
5. Stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones with your fingers or your mouth to get her ready for action.
6. Compliment her on her body and tell her how wonderful her ass looks, and how excited you are to pleasure her that way.
7. Start to stimulate her anus by first of all stroking her cheeks and then concentrating on stroking from the vagina to the anus, while going back from time to time to tease her clitoris.
8. Use your mouth and tongue to stimulate her anal area, use long, firm strokes on the soft skin between her vagina and anus and then rotate your tongue firmly around the anal entrance until it feels wet.
9. Once the anus is wet, introduce your tongue and start to tease the anus, slipping it into the anal cavity until you feel it start to open like a flower.
10. Once you start to feel the anus start to open up then you can insert a lubed up finger slowly, and gradually introduce more of your finger into the anus.

11. Your partner should be moaning in pleasure by now so this may be the time to put on a condom, slather it in lube then begin to rub your penis around the entrance to the anal cavity.
12. Slowly, slowly introduce your penis, taking your partner from behind, an inch at a time, while at the same time playing with your partner’s breasts and bottom.
13. As you feel your partner’s anus start to loosen up, you can start to penetrate her more fully, judge the depth and speed of your strokes by her moans of pleasure.
14. By now you should both be feeling turned on, and you can swap positions, with the woman on top of your throbbing member, this position is also good if the woman is feeling nervous about having anal sex and wants more control over your lovemaking, as she can then lower herself onto your penis and vary the speed, plus it gives you the added turn on of being able to watch her doing this and play with her breasts and clitoris.
15. Whether it is you or your partner who controls the speed and depth of the penetration, you should both be feeling fantastic by this time, so let loose and enjoy yourselves until you both cum explosively.
Keep in mind that you have to listen to your partner, let their moans of pleasure guide the pace of the anal action and stay safe and always use a condom when following our Guide to How to Have Anal Sex.


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