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We are looking to recruit new women and men to join our books at City Of Birmingham Escorts, glamorous, fun loving people who enjoy their work and earn great money at the same time.

City of Birmingham Escorts are part of Cristal Enterprises who are English owned and operated. It’s our job to make your job as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Our philosophy is simple….

Happy escorts = Happy clients = Happy us!

Many of our escorts work part time so don’t worry if you can only work a few hours per week.

Unlike some agencies there is NO fee to join our agency. We only take a fee from your bookings and we can help organise your photos as well. as we have two in-house photographers.

If you have ever considered being an escort,  contact us and if we think you are likely to be suitable we will arrange an interview.


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In the unlikely event that you cannot submit your photo via the Recrutment Form, you can submit your details to by Email. Please remember to include both face and full body shot pictures attached to your email.