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Sensual Massage For Men

Sensual Massage For Men in Birmingham

How to give your partner a sensual massage

Receiving a massage is truly one of life’s great pleasures and has proven to be popular across all cultures and throughout history. But, a massage is often even more enjoyable when your partner gives it to you. Massage builds intimacy in your relationship; it promotes well-being and can relax the both of you. There are a few secrets and techniques to giving your partner a sensual massage and perhaps most importantly ensure that they keep coming back for more!

Your confidence and enjoyment matters

Giving your partner a massage for the first time might seem like a daunting prospect; it’s natural to have a few butterflies, but don’t let your nerves get in the way. You only need some basic knowledge about massage to get started; the most important things are your willingness to experiment and your ability to listen to your partner’s needs. Remember, if you enjoy it they probably will too!

Three steps to getting started

1. Firstly, find a good surface to give your massage. This could be on the bed, on a sofa or on the floor. Lay down a towel to protect the surface. It’s a good idea to also have some towels to hand to cover the parts of your partner’s body not being massaged, keeping them nice and warm. in case you want to try a gay massage service, we have a list of qualified masseuses ready to satisfy you with a sensual service.

2. Make sure you invest in some oil or massage your partner with towels covering them, otherwise it will cause friction on their skin and might be painful. As a beginner, you are best advised to start by massaging with your hands and think about progressing to using tools and accessories further down the line.

3. Before you start your massage, make sure you ask your partner if there are any parts of their body that you should avoid, for example, they may have an old injury that may be uncomfortable for them. You should also ask at the beginning and periodically through the massage, whether they have a preference for the pressure of the massage – some people like their massage to be soft and some people like it much harder.

Areas of the body to focus on

The key areas of the body to factor into your partner’s massage are their feet, back, shoulders and head. Don’t worry about getting to them all, just keep going as long as you and your partner are both enjoying it! Do make sure when you massage your partner’s back and shoulders that you focus on the muscle tissue, particularly the muscles running up the spine, but avoid joints and bones.

It’s all about simple movements

Good masseurs use a combination of slow kneading, stroking and rubbing movements. Keep it simple and sure enough, both you and your partner will find yourselves relaxing and enjoying the romantic moment you have created.

Remove distractions

One of the golden rules of a giving a sensual and relaxing gay massage is ensuring there are no distractions from the outside world. Put the kids to bed, turn off the television and put the mobile phones away, this will help to create an atmosphere of serenity and pleasure. Massage is about you and your partner, nothing else.


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