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The Importance of Confidentiality

Earlier this year we looked on in horror, as we read the details regarding the Ashley Madison fiasco – wherein hackers leaked over thirty-seven million email addresses online. Of course, we soon observed the vultures who pass for our country’s media trawl through the names looking for anyone famous, and it was mainly these well-known names whom we all ended up reading about; but lest we forget, there were many regular people who were also left feeling very uneasy and embarrassed.

This unfortunate outcome is the reason that, for the highest level of trust and confidentiality, clients who desire to obtain our services, should always consult a good, reputable agency with their requests.

City Of Birmingham Escorts are highly trained and qualified within their profession, so they understand the need for discretion and confidentiality. We take every precaution necessary to make sure that your personal details and other private information would never be revealed – except in extreme circumstances, where safety is concerned. Our agency doesn’t require you to fill in as much personal information as an average large dating website requires, as we do not collect data, as some businesses do.

So when it comes down to personal – and sometimes delicate – matters, it is wise to be well-advised and to consult a reputable escort agency like us, as we understand perfectly that some things are best shared between two people, and not discussed elsewhere – so rest assured that whatever happens whilst you are in the company of your chosen escort, stays between your escort and yourself. It goes no further, from either the agency or from your chosen model, so there is never any need to worry about your personal details being exposed, or being shared in any capacity, ever occurring.

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